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The Report Store Subscription is a user-based library of global market report database, provides comprehensive reports pertaining to the world’s largest emerging markets. It further offers e-access to all the available industry reports just in a jiffy. Moreover, it provides core business insights on the varied industries, economies, and end users worldwide. Avenue ensures that the registered members get an easy as well as single gateway to their all-inclusive requirements.

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Clients can easily access both quantitative as well as qualitative reports in PDF and Excel formats.

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Post-subscription services:

  • This service will enable unrestricted access to analyst discussions in an attempt to service clients in the best possible manner.
  • Gain full access to a wide array of studies (over 1,000) published across all industry verticals.
  • Receive free post and pre-sales assistance calls and free project review calls with our analysts.
  • Unrestricted sharing and data usage by receiving free global licenses.
  • Free analyst briefing on pertinent ongoing projects.
  • Receive free updates on market trends and news and subsequent impact analyses.
  • Accessibility to download individual segments, analysis and illustrations (graphs, tables etc.).
  • Availability of ad-hoc, fully customizable and consumer centric benchmarking studies.
  • Availability of studies composed in all formats (PDF, MS Word, and Spreadsheet).
  • Clients will be allotted designated account managers who will act as single point of contacts.
  • Availability of special previews of new studies to ensure our clients gain competitive advantage in their respective fields.

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